Lake Como

Lake como

Lake Como is little known, although it is one of the largest in the European part of the mainland. It has a curious form, but not therefore remarkable for tourists. Since ancient times, famous personalities seek to settle on the coast of this reservoir, surrounded by mountains, because of the picturesque scenery. Today, world stars of show business also prefer to plunge into the calm atmosphere of the Italian north, therefore, along with small towns and villages, luxurious cottages adorn the coast.

Description of the geography of Lake Como

Top View of Lake Como

Most people do not know where Como is, because it is located in the north of Italy, far from the sea coast. From Milan you need to drive closer to the border with Switzerland. In fact, the reservoir is surrounded by mountains, and it itself is elevated by 200 m above sea level. In the south, hilly terrain is not higher than 600 m, and from the north granite mountains reach a height of 2400 m.

Lake Como in Italy

The lake has a peculiar shape in the form of three rays, directed in different directions. Someone compares the pond with a slingshot. The length of each sleeve is approximately 26 km. The surface area is 146 square meters. km The reservoir is known as the deepest in Europe, its maximum depth reaches 410 m, the average does not exceed 155 m.

Beautiful pond in Italy

Three rivers flow into Como: Fumelatte, Mera and Adda. The latter brings most of the water into the lake, and also flows out of it. There is a lot of vegetation around the reservoir, it is not without reason that this is the most beautiful place in this part of the country. Compared to the flat part of the north of Italy, fog does not reach the reservoir because of the Alpine mountains, but there are prevailing winds here: southern logs and northern Tivano.

Lake in Italy from a height

The climate in this part is dominated by continental, and because of its location in the highlands, the air temperature is lower than in the south of the country. However, it does not fall throughout the year to zero. The water of Lake Como even in summer is quite cool, since there are a lot of underwater keys at the bottom. It may snow in winter, but it rarely lasts longer than a few days.

Attractions in the vicinity of the lake

Lake Como Hotels

The lake is surrounded by small towns, each of which has something to look at. Most of the sights are of a religious nature, but there are also modern villas, surprising with their unique style. Those who love cultural activities are advised to visit Como and Lecco, as well as Komachina Island.

It is worth noting that to look near the reservoir, in the form of a small list, because there are enough curious places to fill the day with impressions from exploring the surroundings of Lake Como. Tourists often visit:

  • The Cathedral of the Duomo, built several centuries and bewitching interweaving of different architectural styles.
  • Basilica of St. Abbondio, built in the 13th century.
  • Baradello Castle, from which height you can admire the surroundings.
  • Villas Serbelloni, Olmo or Carlotta.
Boat on Lake Como

The only island in Como is called Komachina. Previously, it was used to protect the surrounding area, and today representatives of the Society of Artists gather here. Tourists can admire the landscapes with the ruins of the Middle Ages and even buy pictures made by local painters.

Interesting facts about the Italian pond

Holidays at Lake Como

Lake Como has another name – Lario. Mention of it came from ancient Roman literature. The word is of Dolatin origin, which modern linguists translate as “deep place”. In the Middle Ages, the pond became known as lacus commacinus, and later reduced to Como. It is believed that this reduction is associated with the city, which appeared on the shore of the lake. True, according to some sources, each branch is given a separate name in accordance with the names of large settlements located on the coast.

Swimming pool on the lake

The unusual lake, or rather the scenic views around it, arouse the interest of creative individuals. For example, on the island are often going to painters who have organized a club of artists, and draw inspiration, admiring the beauty of Italy. You can see Como in well-known films, because the pond was filming “Ocean’s Twelve,” “Casino Royale,” one of the parts of “Star Wars” and other motion pictures. Perhaps this is what prompted George Clooney to buy a villa in northern Italy, surrounded by small towns, where there is rarely an influx of tourists.

Pier on Lake Como

Few people know that the small town of Bellagio is famous for its Christmas decorations. There are still enterprises in this quiet place where, using blown glass technology, they produce amazingly beautiful works of art. One has only to look into the shop with New Year’s accessories, and it seems that the whole world is immersed in a festive fairy tale.

Tourist information

Park area near the lake

For guests arriving here it is important to know how to get to picturesque places and whether it is possible to stay here for the night if necessary. From Milan you can take a train to Colico or Varenna, also there is a bus to Como. It is easy to navigate around the lake with the help of water transport. In large settlements, mainly in the southern part, there are many hotels ready to accommodate tourists with maximum comfort. Moreover, there are even entire rental villas, so that visitors to the north of Italy can fully experience the local flavor.

Sights of Lake Como

A trip to the famous reservoir would not attract tourists if there were no equipped beaches here. Often the question arises whether swimming in Lake Como, because even in summer the air temperature is rarely above 30 degrees. On hot days, near the shore, the water is warming enough to swim in it, although you should not choose a backwater where foam has already appeared.

Anglers will certainly appreciate the opportunity to go out to the lake for trout or perch. There are a lot of fish that are allowed to catch when they receive a pass, valid for a year. The cost of the permit is 30 euros. However, even the usual boating on the water surface will bring a lot of positive emotions, as well as give unforgettable photos for memory.