Empire State Building

Empire State Building

A few years ago, the Empire State Building was the highest skyscraper in New York, and although since then there have been buildings that exceed its size, this place has remained one of the most important tourist centers. Every day, thousands of people climb to the observation deck to look at Manhattan from all sides. The history of the city is closely connected with this structure, so every resident is able to tell a lot of interesting information about the building with a spire.

Stages of the construction of the Empire State Building

Building Empire State Building

The project to create a new office building appeared in 1929. The main architectural idea belonged to William Lamb, although similar motifs have already been used previously in the construction of other structures. In particular, in North Carolina and in Ohio, you can find buildings that were actually the prototypes for the future large-scale construction of New York.

Construction of New York in 1930

In the winter of 1930, workers began to cultivate the land at the site of the future high-rise structure, and construction itself began on 17 March. In total, about 3.5 thousand people were involved, while the builders for the most part were either immigrants or representatives of the indigenous population.

The construction of a skyscraper in Manhattan

Work on the project was carried out during the construction of the city, so the site felt the pressure from the deadlines. Simultaneously with the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building and the skyscraper on Wall Street were being built, and each owner wanted his project to be the most advantageous compared to its competitors.

Build Empire State Building

As a result, Empire State Building turned out to be the highest, having retained its status for 39 years. This success was achieved through well-coordinated work at the construction site. By average, about four floors were built weekly. There was even a period when the workers managed to lay out fourteen floors in ten days.

Worker rests on top

Total construction of one of the most famous skyscrapers of the world took 410 days. The right to launch coverage of the new office center was transferred to the then current president, who declared the Empire State Building open on May 1, 1931.

American skyscraper architecture

New York City Builder

The height of the building together with the spire is 443.2 meters, and its width is 140 meters. The main style of the architect’s idea was Art Deco, but the facade has classic elements in its design. A total of 103 floors in the Empire State Building, with the top 16 being a superstructure with two viewing platforms. The area of ​​the room exceeds 208 thousand square meters. Many people are interested in how many bricks were spent on the construction of such a structure, and although no one counted their number by the piece, it is known that it took about 10 million construction units.

Skyscraper Empire State Building

The roof is made in the form of a spire, according to the idea it was supposed to be the stopping point of the airship. When they built the highest skyscraper at that time, they decided to check the possibility of using the tops for their intended purpose, but because of strong winds, they did not succeed. As a result, in the middle of the 20th century, the terminal for airships was altered under a television tower.

Manhattan skyscraper

Inside you should pay attention to the decoration of the main lobby. Its width is 30 meters, and the height is commensurate with three floors. Marble slabs add stature to the room, and pictures with the seven wonders of the world are bright elements of decor. The eighth image is a sketch of the Empire State Building itself, which is also identified with world-famous buildings.

Bottom view of the Empire State Building

Of particular interest is the lighting of the tower, which is constantly changing. There is a special set of colors applied to different days of the week, as well as their combination for national holidays. Each significant event for a city, country or world is colored in symbolic hues. For example, the day of the death of Frank Sinatra was marked in blue tones because of the popular nickname in honor of the color of his eyes, and on the anniversary birthday of the British queen, a gamma from the Windsor heraldry was used.

Historical events associated with the tower

Night view of skyscraper in new york

Despite the importance of the office center, it became not immediately popular. Since the empire state building was built, an unstable economic situation reigned in the United States, so most of the country’s companies could not afford to occupy all the office space. For about a decade, the building was considered unprofitable. Only with the change of ownership in 1951, the office center began to make a profit.

The plane hit the building

In the history of the skyscraper there are mourning dates, in particular, during the war years a bomber flew into the building. 1945, July 28 became destructive, as the plane crashed between 79 and 80 floors. A blow punched through the building, one of the elevators fell from a great height, while Betty Lou Oliver, who was in it, survived and was among the world record holders. 14 people died as a result of this incident, but the work of the offices did not stop.

Top view of the tower

Because of its fame and tremendous height, the Empire State Building is quite popular with those who want to end their lives. It is for this reason that the construction of observation platforms was additionally strengthened with fences. Since the opening of the tower, more than thirty suicides have happened. However, sometimes misfortunes can be prevented, and sometimes the case decides to make a contribution. It happened with Elvita Adams, who jumped from the 86th floor, but due to the strong wind was abandoned on the 85th floor, escaping with only a fracture.

Tower in culture and sports

The observation deck on the skyscraper

Residents of the United States of America love the Empire State Building, so skyscraper episodes often appear in box office movies. The most famous scene for the world community is King Kong, hanging from the spire and brushing off hovering around planes. The rest of the pictures can be found on the official website, where the list of films with unforgettable views of the tower of New York is located.

Empire State Building at night

The building is a platform for unusual competitions in which everyone is allowed to participate. It is necessary to overcome all the steps up to the 86th floor. The most successful winner coped with the task in 9 minutes 33 seconds, and in order to do this, he had to climb 1576 steps. Here they conduct tests for firefighters and police officers, but they fulfill the conditions in full gear.

Interesting facts about the name of the skyscraper

Skyscraper inside

Many do not know why the tower received such an unusual name, which has “imperial” roots. In fact, the reason lies in the use of this epithet in relation to the state of New York. In fact, the name means “The structure of the imperial state”, which in translation sounds ordinary for residents of this area.

Entrance to the Empire State Building

Interesting puns that appeared during the Great Depression. Then, instead of Empire, the word Empty was used more often, which was close to the sound, but it meant that the building was empty. In those years, office space was very difficult to lease, so the skyscraper owners suffered significant losses.

Useful information for tourists

View from the skyscraper on New York

Tourists in New York will certainly think about how to get into the Empire State Building. The address of the skyscraper: Manhattan, Fifth Avenue, 350. Visitors will have to stand for a long line, because many want to go up to the viewing platforms.

Panorama of Manhattan from a skyscraper

It is allowed to look at the view of the city from a height of 86 and 102 floors. Elevators raise on both marks, but the price of this varies slightly. Videotape is prohibited in the lobby, but on the viewing platform you can make beautiful photos with a panorama of Manhattan.

Also on the second floor there is an attraction with a video tour, where you can learn more about the surroundings of the city. If lucky, at the entrance to the observation deck will meet King Kong, which is considered to be the symbol of this place.

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